Stolen Notes publishes the music of Nolan Stolz.

Nolan Stolz is a composer and author member of ASCAP, and Stolen Notes is a publisher member of ASCAP.

A list of compositions by Nolan Stolz published by Stolen Notes


Publishing exceptions to Stolz's compositions include:

Recordings of Stolz's Catharsis and arrangement of the traditional Bulgarian folk tune Erghen Diado were released on Coalition's 2004 release Point of View. (c) 2004 Tony Branco Music.

Collaborative compositions with John Miner, Milo, and Jim Martino such as Tell a Vision, The Cell, Begins Before Becomes, The Ballad of Joan Allen, The Cult On Hammer Hill, Poem From the Sea, Rainbow Sun, Desert Song, The Ripper, and Synopsis appear on Art Rock Circus's 2005 release Tell A Vision. (c) 2005 Psycho Delhi Music (BMI)