WVIK and the conductor of the Clinton Symphony Orchestra talk about "Prairie View" from the Lincoln Highway Suite. WVIK CSO article

Latrobe Bulletin talks about Stolz's Lincoln Highway Songs in "Lincoln Highway songstress celebrates road’s centennial" (May 2013)

Belle Banner wrote about Stolz's Aug/Sep 2012 residency at Osage Arts Community. read it here

Pahrump Valley Times wrote about Stolz's October 2012 residency at the Goldwell Open Air Museum in Rhyolite, NV in an article called "Red Barn Hosts Electronic Music Artist"

Vegas Seven wrote about Stolz's October 2012 residency at the Goldwell Open Air Museum in Rhyolite, NV in an article called "Reverb-erations, inhalations, experimentations"

Guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan’s CD New Lullaby--which includes Stolz’s Lullaby for Sam--received a positive review in Fanfare magazine, where Barnaby Rayfield writes, “something new has been attempted here.” In a second review in Fanfare magazine, Jeremy Marchant writes, “the fourteen lullabies presented here are too engaging to risk sleep.”

In a review of the Alturas Duo’s performance in Cochabamba, BOLIVIA, the Chilean newspaper El Ciudadano (The Citizen) calls And the Wind Cries Jimi (for viola and classical guitar) “un hermoso homenaje de Nolan Stolz a Jimi Hendrix” (a beautiful homage to Jimi Hendrix by Nolan Stolz).

The Volante had two articles about the January 2012 concert at the University of South Dakota that Stolz curated. The concert included over a dozen premieres by composers from across the country.

In a review of the Trinity College Electroacoustic Festival, Trinity Tripod (Trinity College’s newspaper) writes: “Stolz’s 6/12/09 captured electromagnetic waves with television antennas, two digital television converters, a wah-wah pedal, and a distortion pedal...which Stolz aggressively twisted creating occasionally ear-drum-threateningly high pitched manipulations of these electromagnetic waves...Sometimes he left one of the antennas on a television next to him, at other times he waved it around like a wand, manually picking up waves that were converted to sound.” The review closes with “the audience encountered this extremely abstract, avant-garde version of electronic music...and even let us hear the electromagnetic waves in a room using some wildly complicated music-tech devices.”

In a review of a performance in New York City, writes, “[Stolz’s Haiku Settings: Winter] is a very impressive and athletic string quartet, reminiscent of Bartok.”

Triangle (Mu Phi Epsilon’s publication) says that the New Lullaby CD is “not mere background music; rather, the soothing and provocative sounds are mood-enhancing and beckon personal involvement...Nolan Stolz’s Lullaby for Sam begins with a single motive and embellishes it for interest.”

In his review of New Lullaby in Audiophile, Jason Victro Serinus writes, “happy or sad, placid or perilous, I find [the lullabies] universally engrossing...4/5 stars.”

The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR newspaper) wrote that Stolz’s music “includes elements of classical, jazz and rock” and is “reminiscent of Frank Zappa’s chamber music.”

The San Francisco Cabaret Opera performance of Stolz’s The Touch: A Black Box Opera was mentioned in “Bay Area Wrap Up and View” in 21st Century Music (January 2010).

The Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Pages gave Art Rock Circus’s CD Tell a Vision a “six-star-plus” (meaning “masterpiece”) and described the Nolan Stolz/John Miner collaborative composition Begins, Before, Becomes as being “closer to Chamber music with elements of Opera, but is still filled with the genuine spirit of late-sixties’ Art-Rock.” Progression described the piece as a “gorgeous organ-based cathedral hymn.” Progression gave this CD a rating of 15/16(!).


In a review of a performance by the jazz-fusion band Coalition, Jazz Notes writes, “Nolan Stolz is a name to remember,” “an extraordinarily talented drummer” and “Nolan sounded like the outstanding fusion drummer Lenny White.”

In a review of the L. Zaide’s Planet Chill: Memoirs of a Jazz Band—for which Nolan was co-producer, arranger and drummer—All Music Guide calls the band “highly technically proficient.”

In the liner notes for the CD, music critic Devra Hall Levy recalls Johnny Pate’s 80th Birthday Concert when “[Harvey Mason] and [Nolan Stolz] are playing in tandem, and their smiles get broader as the groove intensifies. The audience...soon gives way to yelps and cheers.”

Las City Life Magazine calls Nolan a “phenomenal musician.”

Art Rock Circus’s CD Tell a Vision:
6+/6+ stars (“masterpiece”) by Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Pages
15/16 stars by Progression
4.5/5 stars by
3.5/4 stars by Music in Belgium
ProgGnosis calls it “very interesting” and “well performed”
Radio Enlace (SPAIN) named it “Album of the Month” in May 2005

The Volante had an article called "Professor records indie-rock album" about Stolz's involvement in the 2011 release Zafra Ct. from Halloween Town.


Interview about his composition Catharsis on Channel 4 (Cable TV-Las Vegas)

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