Insurgo Theater and Art Rock Circus performs Heavens' Cafe in 2003!

In May and June of 2003, Art Rock Circus teamed up with Insurgo Theater Movement on a new production of John Miner's (guitarist of ARC) world renowned rock opera "Heavens' Cafe."

Orange County Register's Eric Marchese says "Miner's music is wonderfully original, and it really rocks" and with "engagingly psychedelic songs."
He adds, "Miner's progressive rock score is quite tasty overall, with lengthy instrumental passages and enough contrast between the driving numbers and the more lyrical ones to make it interesting".
He also hears "raging intensity from Bangasser, strong support from Hogan, and credible work overall."

Orange County Weekly's Joel Beers says "The music kicks much ass"
and "the music is awesome, the cast enthusiastic and talented." calls Art Rock Circus a "talented progressive band."

In the far back is the director, John Beane.

Standing, from L to R, is Ed Bangasser as CLASSICAL MAN, Russ Marchand as KRAL, YVETTE DEVEREAUX On Violin, Heather Shough as ROBIN, Justin Pyne as LARK, Ken Jaquess on bass and Moog Taurus pedals, Jason Lythgoe as the DARK ONE, and Nolan Stolz on drums and cymbals

Kneeling is Kelly Albano as SPIRIT, John Miner on guitar, Darcy Hogan as the GUARDIAN ANGEL, and Jessica Beane (makeup artist and producer)

ARC getting ready for opening night

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