Music of Nolan Stolz

Electroacoustic Compositions

Incidental Music for Macbeth for fixed electronic media (2014) Sample underscore for Act III, Scene 1
Commissioned by Southeast Missouri State University Conservatory of Theatre and Dance

electronic portions of Virko Baley's opera Holodomor: Red Earth. Hunger (2013) (live electronics and fixed electronic media)

"Battle From Within: Internal Conflict and Self-Reflection at a Ghost Town" (2013) for fixed electronic media and dance VIDEO
Commissioned by choreographer Erin Bomboy for performance at Movement Research: A.R.T./New York, S. Oxford Space, The Great Room. Brooklyn, NY
Revision of "Remnants of Bullfrog, Nevada" VIDEO
Winner of Vox Novus/Composers Voice Dance Collaboration Competition

"Abyss" (2012) for tuba and fixed electronic media VIDEO

Abyss II (2012) for bass and fixed electronic media VIDEO

"fin du monde" (2012) for piano and fixed electronic media Video (Stolz's piece begins at 1:09)

"Impressions of Mt. Charleston" (2011) for alto saxophone and fixed electronic media, 6'
Commissioned by Mark McArthur. Additional funding from a Nevada Arts Council Jackpot Grant

"Twelve American Stories" (2011) for solo percussionist and fixed electronic media 35' VIDEO (selections)

Murdered By The Sky for lyric coloratura soprano and fixed electronic media. (2011) Rehearsal MP3 (not for performance)

"6/12/09" (2009) electromagnetic waves, 2 TV antennas, 2 DTV converter boxes, wah-wah and distortion pedals VIDEO

"Beatitudes" (2008) for fixed electronic media 8'

"Etude #5" (2008) for fixed electronic media 2.5'

"Coast to Coast" (2008) for fixed electronic media 19'

"Love is a four-letter word" (2008) algorithmic composition for MAX/MSP. 3-6'

"Standing Waves" (2008) for fixed electronic media 2.5'

"Guitar and Newspaper" (2005) for fixed electronic media 7'33" (and a 2'31" shortened version)

"Vernacular Music (for electrified instruments)" (2003) for piano doubling synthesizers (Mini-Moog, Oberheim, Mellotron (strings), Fender Rhodes, or other analog synths), drum set and percussion. Trumpet, violin, and cello: all amplified with effects (distortion, wah-wah, flanger, phaser, and delay) MP3 excerpt

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