INSTRUMENTAL CHAMBER MUSIC (three or more players)

For a list of solos and duets click HERE

Click here for a list of miniatures, most of which are chamber works

"Reflets / Reflexions (Reflections of Stravinsky's Octet for Wind Instruments)" (2017) for flute, clarinet, two bassoons, two trumpets (C and A), trombone, and bass trombone
Commissioned by the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra "Espresso" Chamber Series Video of premiere performance

Ghost Town Miners (2012) Percussion Ensemble (7 players) Live Recording
Commissioned by the Las Vegas Academy Percussion Ensemble

"In Paradisum" (2011) Piano Quintet (in memory of Juan)
Written for the April 6, 2011 Nextet concert at Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas in memory of UNLV composition student

"Catharsis II" (2009) (piano quartet no. 2) Studio Recording on YouTube Score in PDF

"The Many Faces of Boom" (2009, movements II and III in progress) Alto Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano PDF of Movt. I

"Boom" (2008) for soprano (or solo instrument) and chamber ensemble MP3 Video

"Kaena Point"(2008) Violin, Viola, 'Cello and Piano MP3

"The Great River" (2004, rev. 2008) for violin, viola and cello.

"Merritt" (2008) for Trumpet in C, Horn, Trombone.
Written for the Yale Brass Trio.

"Canterbury Scene"(2007) for Clarinet in Bb, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Bass and Percussion MP3

"Makaha Valley" (2007) Alto Saxophone, Piano, Violin, Drum Set

"Overture from The Touch: A Black Box Opera" (2007) Clarinet (Bb), Horn, Percussion, Piano, 'Cello, Bass

"The Touch: A Fantasy for Mixed Ensemble" (2007) Flute, Clarinet (Bb), Percussion, Piano, Violin, 'Cello

"Table For Four" (2005) for electric guitar, electric bass, 2 synthesizers, and drumset
Written for the Fireworks Ensemble, 2005 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium

"2-3 Gamelan" (2005) for Balinese Gamelan and cowbell

"Gravitation" (2004) for 5 to 8 musicians

selected performances:

Hartt Composers Ensemble. Nolan Stolz, conductor; Devin DiSanto, clarinet; Nate Brown, trombone; Dan Lis, guitar; Matt Sargent, guitar; David Cutright, piano and synthesizer; Kaeza Fearn, piano and voice; David Macbride, viola; Jonathan Crane, contrabass
New Music Hartford. Capital Community College (Hartford, CT) (December 11, 2007) Movt. 1 Movt. 2 Movt. 3

"Synchronix," a College of Southern Nevada Faculty Ensemble: Walt Blanton, trumpet; Dr. D. Gause-Snelson, clarinet; Dr. Richard McGee, trombone; Chris Davis, bass; Bob Bonora, percussion
CSN- Henderson Campus (February 18, 2005)
CSN 3rd Annual International New Music Festival, Cheyenne Campus Recital Hall (September 25, 2004)
(other dates still unconfirmed)

Acoustic vs. Electric:
Oregon Composers Forum Ensemble: Dr. Stephen Dunn, trumpet; Matt Ertz, trombone, Keri Bartow, sax; Jeremy Schropp, sax; Nolan Stolz, electric guitar, Katie Saxon, amplified/electrified voice, Mei-Ling Lee and Aaron Rosenberg synthesizers
November 17, 2004 --- Oregon Composers Forum, Beall Concert Hall

Orchestral vs. Zydeco Band:
Tina Hadley, flute; Amy Bassett, bassoon; Chandler Judkins, trumpet; Jon Geever, sax; Zemira Maslesa, squeezebox; Darren King, doghouse; Nolan Stolz, traps and washboard
May 3, 2004: Compositions of Nolan R. Stolz @ University of Nevada, Las Vegas
April 25, 2004: NEXTET @ University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Same personnel, add Jed Distler, piano

"Haiku Settings (Summer)" (2004)
For narrator and mixed instruments, 4 of the following:
Flute and/or Violin, Clarinet and/or Viola, Cello and/or Bassoon
Commissioned by the Las Vegas International New Music Festival

"Haiku Settings (Winter)" (2004) for String Quartet

"Ode To Jackson Pollock" (2004) for voice (spoken only) and piano

"Vernacular Music (for electrified instruments)" (2003) for piano doubling synthesizers (Mini-Moog, Oberheim, Mellotron (strings), Fender Rhodes, or other analog synths), drumset with percussion. Trumpet, violin, and cello: all amplified with effects (distortion, wah-wah, flanger, phaser, and delay)
MP3 Commissioned by the Las Vegas International New Music Festival

"Haiku Settings (Autumn)" (2002) for flute (or violin), clarinet (or viola), cello (or bassoon)

"Haiku Settings (Spring)"(2002) for violin and cello

"Among the Stars" (2001) for piano, contrabass or cello, percussion (cymbal, 2 tom-toms, snare drum, cowbell, xylophone)

"Beer City" (2001) for tenor saxophone, piano, guitar, contrabass, drum set

"The Twelve Tones of Christmas" (2001) for flute (or violin), cello, and piano

"Just 4 Miles" (2000) for alto saxophone, bass clarinet, piano, contrabass, and drum set

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