Art Rock Circus


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Current Lineup:

John Miner, guitar; Nolan Stolz; drums and cymbals; Milo: keyboards; Kelton Manning, bass
with Erika Syroid, violin; Dr. Dan Cathey, flute; Hashem Assadullahi, alto and soprano sax

Recent History of the Band:

November 2007: John records tracks for ARC release #7

October 2007: Milo adds more keyboards to ARC release #6

September 2007: Nolan begins a doctorate program in music composition at The Hartt School in Hartford, CT

July 2007: John and Nolan mix tracks for a new ARC release; John and Nolan record tracks for ARC releases #7 and #8

June 2007: Nolan receives his master's degree in music composition from the University of Oregon
June 2007: Studio sessions for ARC release #6 in Eugene, OR (Dr. Dan Cathey, flute; Hashem Assadullahi, sax; Nolan Stolz, percussion)

May 2007: Milo, Kelton, and John record music for ARC release #6 (Las Vegas, NV and Berkeley, CA)

March 2006: John and Nolan compose music for ARC release #7 in the Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland, CA)
Nolan with John shopping for used prog- and art-rock LPs and CDs.... Amoeba Music in Berkeley, CA

Dec 26, 2005 studio version of "Begins, Before, Becomes" is heard on KWVA 88.1FM in Eugene, OR

Nov 9, 2005 Oregon Composers Forum premieres "Begins, Before, Becomes" from "Tell a Vision"
Jamie Ratcliffe, vocals; Justin Morell, guitar; Lia Miller, electric violin; Robin High, pipe organ
The Jugend Ahrend organ in famous Beall Hall in Eugene, OR is exceptional. To hear his classic chamber piece with overtones of Art-Rock is quite an experience.
The concert will consist of other premieres by other contemporary composers living in Eugene, Oregon.
Interesting connection:
Justin Morell has played with John Guerin, father of the late Shaun Guerin of the K2 project, which features the guitar work of ARC guitarist john Miner.

August 2005: John and Nolan compose new music for an upcoming ARC release
August 2005: John and Nolan play an acoustic set in Pike's Market in Seattle

(here are some airplay that I know about)

July 31, 2005: "Ballad of Joan Allen" is heard on SPECTRUM on Tsarina FM, HOLLAND
July 29/30, 2005: John records Nolan's drum tracks in Eugene, OR for upcoming Art Rock Circus releases
July 25, 2005: "Tell a Vision," "The Cell," "Cult on Hammer Hill," "The Ripper," and "Desert Song" is heard on El Retorno del Gigante on 95.5 in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
July 10, 2005: "Art of bells!!! and "Begins before becomes" heard on SPECTRUM on Tsarina FM, HOLLAND
July 4, 2005: CD played on 89.1FM WNYU "Plastic Tales from the Marshmallow Dimention" NYC,NY
July 2, 2005: FIREWORKS (Brian Coughlin leader) premieres Stolz's Table For Four, a prog-rock orchestration of his Table For Two
July 1, 2005: "Tell a Vision" on "The Metal Observer" DJ: Rainer

June 28, 2005: "Ballad of Joan Allen" on "Los Recuerdos del Unicornio" 107.5FM Madrid, SPAIN
June 27, 2005: "The Cell" and "Desert Song" heard on Symfo City 105.3/93.1 Apeldoorn, HOLLAND
June 21, 2005: "Ballad of Joan Allen" and "Rainbow Sun" is played on "La Brique et la fanal" 88.1 CFOU in Trois-Riviers, Quebec CANADA
June 21, 2005: "Desert Song" on "Los Recuerdos del Unicornio" 107.5FM Madrid, SPAIN
June 19, 2005: "Synopsis in A Minor" was played on Symfomania (Radio Seagull), HOLLAND
June 18, 2005: The album is featured on "The Trip" with Clay Gaunce, on 88.1 WRFL Lexington, KY
"Tell a Vision," "The Cell," "Cult on Hammer Hill," "Ballad of Joan Allen," "The Ripper," and "Synopsis in A minor"
June 18, 2005: "The Cell" is heard on Radio Terra Nova, PORTUGAL
June 16, 2005: "Poem from the Sea" and "String Theory #1" is played on La Villa Strangiato 89.1FM CHUO Ottowa, Ont CANADA
June 16, 2005: show "Progressive Discovery" plays the song "Tell a Vision"
June 15, 2005: MLWZ in Krakow, POLAND plays "Ballad of Joan Allen" and "Song For A Fifth Season"
June 14, 2005: "Poem From The Sea" and "String Theory #1" heard on Radio Enlace, 107.5FM Madrid, SPAIN
June 12, 2005: "Cult on Hammer Hill" and "The Ripper" was played on Symfomania (Radio Seagull), HOLLAND
June 7, 2005: "Song for a Fifth Season" and "Desert Song" heard on 94.9 CHRW, London, ONT CANADA
June 7, 2005: "The Cell" heard on Radio Enlace, 107.5FM Madrid, SPAIN
June 6, 2005: SymfoZone (Stads Radio Nijmegen) plays "Begins Before Becomes" in HOLLAND
June 5, 2005: "The Cell" heard on Tsarina FM, HOLLAND
June 3, 2005: "The Cell" heard on 89.7 FM WITR's Night Vision ROchester, NY

May 31, 2005: "Begins, Before Becomes" heard on Radio Enlace, 107.5FM Madrid, SPAIN
May 28, 2005: John Miner and Nolan Stolz interview on Radio Heemskerk, Holland and "Tell a Vision" is played
May 15, 2005: "Tell a Vision" is heard on SPECTRUM on Tsarina FM, HOLLAND

April 21, 2005: Tell A Vision is released!
Order it from
April, 2005: ARC members John Miner, Ken Jacquess, and Yvette Devereux appear on the new K2 release "Book of the Dead" also with Allan Holdsworth, Ryo Okumoto (Spock's beard), Shaun Guerin (clearlight symphony)

March, 2005: KRVM 91.9 in Eugene, OR plays several tracks from the new CD

June 6, 2004: ARC Plays Private Party
January 30, 2004: ARC performs at Murphy's Pub in Las Vegas
January 25, 2004: ARC performs at the Emergency Room in Las Vegas
December 6, 2003: ARC performs at Murphy's Pub in Las Vegas
November 3, 2003: ARC performs at the Emergency Room in Las Vegas

May/June 2003: ARC Performs "Heavens' Cafe" with Insurgo Theater Movement in Anaheim Hills, CA

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Nolan Stolz (drums) John Miner (guitar) & Ken Jaquess (bass) ready for opening night

ARC's stage in Insurgo's Theater (on 7 foot risers), 2003 cast of Heavens' Cafe

Orange County Register's Eric Marchese says "Miner's music is wonderfully original, and it really rocks" and with "engagingly psychedelic songs."

Orange County Weekly's Joel Beers says "The music kicks much ass"
and "the music is awesome, the cast enthusiastic and talented." calls Art Rock Circus a "talented progressive band."

John and Nolan hanging out on Laguna Beach before a performance

Click Here for more info of the show

John mixing and Nolan recording tracks for the new ARC double album

Milo recording his keyboard solo piece 'String Theory #1'

December 7th, 2001: ARC Ringleader John Miner appears in "Oceans 11" in the 70s flashback scene of an attempted robbery of a casino.

April 19th, 2001: "The Promise" premiered in an acid jazz format with ARC singer Karen Renee singing!

John and Nolan in Seattle composing the new ARC work

ARC performing live at breathe

Nolan's Ludwig and Korg M-1 setup

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