Videos and Recording Excerpts of Nolan Stolz as Drummer

Straight-Ahead Jazz, Fusion, Art Rock, JPop and Avant-Garde

most recordings are commercially available (see discography page),
therefore full recordings cannot be posted here, but excerpts are!!

w/ Halloween Town in Las Vegas (Tommy Marth tribute) Video clips from various tunes

w/ Gilbert Batangan and Mark Tanouye in HonoluluVideo of tune that Nolan wrote based on Genesis's Watcher of the Skies

w/ Coalition in Las VegasVideo of Nolan's composition Catharsis

w/ Swinging Popsicle in San Jose, CAFanime 2006: "I Just Wanna Kiss You" (Pro Shot Video)
w/ Swinging Popsicle in Richmond, VAAMA 2007 "I Just Wanna Kiss You" Video
w/ Swinging Popsicle in San Jose, CA<Fanime 2006 "Change" (Video)
w/ Swinging Popsicle in Richmond, VAAMA 2007 "Clash" (Video)

w/ Matt Sargent in Hartford, CT Improvisations (Video)
w/ Matt Sargent and Todd Merrill in Hartford, CT(pt. 1 of 2) and (pt. 2 of 2) (Video)
Playing Jon Crane's DIY II for cymbals (VIdeo)
Hartt Composers Ensemble playing Craig Biondi's Post Tenebras Lux (drums enter about 5' into the video)

From Coalition's release Point of View
(with Tony Branco, piano; Richard Forrester, guitar; Nick Tipping, bass)

Drum Solo from Point of View (Forrester)

Drum Solo (and "head" out) from Third Street Promenade (Branco)

Drum Solo (and "head" out) from Erghen Diado (trad. Bulgarian, arr. Stolz) *iin 7/16 meter*

Excerpt from Catharsis (Stolz) *in 4/4, 5/8, and 5/4 meters*

From L. Zaide's release Planet Chill: Memoirs of a Jazz Band
L. Zaide, vocals; Tony Branco, piano; Richard Forrester, guitar; Geoff Neumann, bass

Trading 4's from You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To, up-tempo/straight-ahead

Intro/Verse/Piano Solo from Corcovado, latin (bossa)

From the TNC Jazz release Johnny Pate 80th birthday concert (Live CD)

up-tempo swing with solos by James Moody and Phil Woods, saxes; Kenny Burrell, guitar; Monty Alexander, piano; and 2-bar drum fills by Nolan Stolz

12/8 blues feel featuring Ron Carter, bass; Harvey Mason and Nolan Stolz, drums

medium swing/shuffle groove featuring Phil Woods

From Bohemian Collective Secret Sessions, Vol. 1 (Live CD)

Excerpts from Manic Trance (Clarke/Crow/Stolz), uptempo acoustic jazz electronica/ fusion song

Excerpt from 31 Flavors (Clarke), a jazz/funk song

From the Art Rock Circus release Tell a Vision

Drum/Guitar Duet from Rainbow Sun: (John Miner, guitar; Nolan on drums and keyboards)

Excerpt from Synopsis in A Minor: interesting hi-hat and cymbal work

Excerpt from The Cell: Alternating Art Rock, Afro-Cuban groove, and 5/8+5/8+6/8 drum pattern against 4/4


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Stolz's other compositions

Duet for Xylophone and Drumset (FULL LENGTH MP3) (Stolz) Nolan Stolz, xylophone and drumset (overdubbed)


Live performances and rehearsal tapes:

E Ticket (Chuck Owen) Oregon Jazz Ensemble

500 Years (Lars Jansson) Oregon Jazz Ensemble

Copy these links to listen to the Coalition MP3s: (light-jazz fusion) (straight-ahead jazz) (heavy jazz-rock fusion) (7/16 fusion, bulgarian folk tune into jazz rock fusion song)

Recordings of Nolan (other than drums):

Bass solo and 3rd verse from Cult on Hammer Hill (Miner/Stolz) John Miner, vocals and guitar; Nolan Stolz, keys, bass, and drums

Gravitation (Stolz) Oregon Composers Forum, Nolan Stolz, electric guitar